V-SMS Virtual safety management system applications

There are no limits - there are only tools to achieve goals.

Virtual SMS Virtual safety management system applications

About Us & What We Do

Virtual SMS is a modern, online risk and change management suite.

Pixel-Perfect Design

Thousands of user behavior hours study forged into one snappy, intuitive, cross-device interface.

In the Clouds

Cloud resources can be shared by many users and relocated on demand with maximum effectiveness.

Extensive Documentation

Tutorials, examples, techncial documentation in perfect English just waiting for your implementation.

Fully Secure

Fully secure, passed all hacking audits and guarantees no telemetry. Sleep with ease of mind.

Virtual SMS is a web application developed based on ICAO requirements and Doc 9859 – Safety Management Manual. It takes into account four main elements of the SMS and also offers useful business tools.

Our solution provides a set of tools that ease the way to demonstrate compliance with the requirements and effectively manage the safety of aviation organizations.

The service gives you access to a unique database of best practices and support of specialists from different areas of the aviation industry, who will guide you in achieving even the most demanding tasks.

  • Low cost of implementation and maintenance
  • 24/7 support (technical and substantive)
  • Complete industry dictionaries
  • Mobility (PC, smartphone, tablet)
  • Full compliance with regulatory requirements

Measurable benefits

Incorporating V-SMS into the daily life of companies had many times proven to reduce the occurrance of risks, improve team communication and satisfaction, as well as save billions in terms of real money..

New risks mitigated


Money saved


Team confidence boost



Annual Safety Conference organized by Polish Civil Aviaiton Authority.

Discover the features

V-SMS is a complete solution. It allows you to perform multiple roles inside a single screen, facilitating cooperation and improving transparency..

Hollistic view

30 customizable modules

V-SMS is an all-in-one tool. No need to keep things externally or in different systems, we deliver everything you will ever need in one package – with great customization!

Reporting and rollups

Your data visualized

Actionable insights at your hand’s reached, with an option of delivering them to personalized dashboards.


The Cost-Benefit Analysis

With V-SMS, the days of manual calculations are finally over. The system will tell you exactly what are the costs and benefits, and only ask you for confirmation on recommended actions.

Fully documented

All your files in a single place

V-SMS also acts as a catalog and backup of all your important files. Never again lose documents due to hardware problems, they are now invincible and have alerts for your personnel.

Personnel management

Your staff, your most valuable data

Never again ge tangled up during task allocation. Now you know which resources are available and which are the best fit for any request.


See who accepted things, and who did not

Leeping everyone on the same page is often the hardest task. Not with V-SMS! You can now take a peak at who acknowledged your tasks and risks, and who did not at any given point in time.


Internal + external audits and surveys online

All your audits broguth to the 21st century with collaboration, on-demand access, multi-user permissions and archieving.


No more missed laws

Your law department will be exstatc to learn that all legal requirements and recommendations are now widely accessible and acknowledged with no need for detailed trainigs and court visits.

2 language versions

We speak English, ale też po polsku!

2 languages available right out of the box, and support for any new ones fully possible. Dzień dobry!

A 4-step journey

We can help you, too. In fact the whole process is just 4 simple steps..


Let us know you’re interested – the more details about your needs are supplied, the better we will be able to help you. You can use the form below.

Free Trial

We offer 100% free, non-binding trials. We will set one up specifically for your needs, walk you through the application and answer any questions.


You can just use the software right away, or ask us for trainings and onsite installation. We can host our solution for you, or put in on your servers.


You’re good to go! As soon as ANY question or problem arise, we offer full support, both remotely and onsite, email and phone. 24/7 possible.

Easy & Simple - No Coding Required!

V-SMS is one of the very few enterprise-grade solutions on the market made for actual people. No coding or technical knowledge required, it’s as simple as writing any text document or form.


Sometimes the most effective way to solve a problem is to allow another person to expain and teach you how to do it.

V-Assistant service enables companies to outsource tasks. This eliminates a large range of costs that may be incurred when traditional methods, such as refreshment training or hiring full-time staff of experts is required. We offer consulting services, both regarding our tool and processes in general, onsite and remotely. All the support you ever needed at a hand’s reach.

Contact Us For Collaborations, Questions Or To Say Hi

We promise to reply to every single mail we receive in less than 24 hours – and we keep our word. Below you will find some examples of information that will help us gauge how to best fit V-SMS to your exact needs.


Need assistance or additional services?

Training – we provide training in the area of safety, risk, change and project management

Consulting – implementing the right solutions can be challenging without an experienced consultant.

Safety Case and Risk Assessment – we have over 10 years of experience in that area and are able to help you with any new system assessment.

Software Development – need more features? Just let us know what are you looking for and design your next module.


Partners and Clients - thank you!

Our skills and expertise

We are creators of reality. Virtual vision defines our SMS expressed motto “There are no limits, there are tools that Achieve goals.” It reflects our optimistic approach to the challenges faced and the commitment to the search for the most effective tools to achieve more. Based on our past achievements, today we want to explore new business areas, including environmental protection, medicine and biotechnology. We strive with all the commitment to become the leader in new markets and strengthen our position in the aviation market in Poland and abroad.

We’re currently looking for:

V-SMS Consultant

Global position, flexible hours


Senior Client Partner

Warsaw office, full time